About Asteria

Our Founding

Asteria Corporation was established in 1998 by President and CEO HIRANO Yoichiro (Pina) and Executive Vice President and CTO KITAHARA Yoshiyuki.

Back in 1998, the internet use among enterprises had just begun to take off.

Hirano and Kitahara envisioned a future in which businesses would leverage the internet and related technologies to connect systems inside and outside the company and accomplish various work-related tasks. The new XML technology had just been created in 1998 as a common computer language for these tasks, and these two men’s belief in the huge possibilities of XML is the reason they started Asteria.

How our corporate name was made

The name Asteria is a coined word by combining the words “information” and “cafeteria”.

It means picking up right information from the vast amounts of information that exists in this world casually and easily.
We made this corporate name in the hope that we can provide products and services to realize the concept of “Information Cafeteria” that can be used all over the world.

Our corporate color

The corporate color of Asteria is “green”.

# Earth friendly contribution to society

Asteria hopes to contribute as much as possible to build an earth friendly society though our software. It can be made possible, for instance, to produce only the most appropriate quantity of products that are needed though the development of electronic business transactions. It would reduce consumption of resources and energy.
Green is a symbolic color for the earth and the earth friendly environment.

# A century of autonomy, dispersion, and harmony

Now the twentieth century of wars is in the past, we consider that this twenty-first century is the age of “autonomy, dispersion, and harmony”, where people and organizations link themselves across national and district boundaries through the world-wide network of information.
While red may be sometimes associated with blood and something violent, green can be associated with growth and development thus with “autonomy, decentralization, collaboration”.

We chose this color to represent our ideas as described above.