CEO Message

We Are “Tsunagu” Experts

HIRANO Yoichiro (Pina)

With a foundation in superior XML technology and rich experience we aim to create value for organizations now and in future generations.

Since the beginning of civilization, humankind has been creating value of various kinds through the process of TSUNAGU, of making connections with each other. We did it through the Silk Road in old times and are doing it through the Internet today. Connections generated interchange of ideas and information and such interchange brought changes which produced various activities of value creation.

The internet has encompassed the globe and humans now strive to unearth new types of connections. As hardware and software now ride on the internet we have now entered an age where walking around with devices that are more powerful than the supercomputers of the recent past is a part of everyday life. This is the beginning of an era which will see the creation of new value through the linking of diverse businesses using the internet as a platform.

The huge network of the internet has released previously unimaginable liquidity of information and capital and given birth to dynamic innovations in organizational value. Concurrently, the evolution of the cloud and smart devices has empowered individuals and enabled the development of flexible business networks internal and external to organizations. As a result, the importance of the physical framework of the organization has decreased and the benefits of boundaryless amoeba-like value-creating teams are becoming apparent. It is thus becoming possible for all companies to optimize their core value-creating assets and rapidly increase their worth.

While we at Asteria see these new connections as generators of new organizational wealth we are also convinced that they are a force for the evolution of society. Product categories such as ASTERIA Warp (from the Greek meaning “of the stars” – for creating new forms and value through connection) and Handbook (mobile content management (MCM) platform for tablets and smartphones) leverage our superior foresight, technology, and rich experience and enable us to contribute to the rapid creation of value for organizations and society through the development of software and services.

HIRANO Yoichiro (Pina)
President & Chief Executive Officer