Our Approach to CSR/ESG

In order to meet the expectations of society and build their trust, Asteria aims to contribute to the sustainable development of society by conducting business activities while actively communicating with customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, local communities, and all other stakeholders.

Basic Principles

  • Asteria will create value through “connectivity” and maintain a customer-oriented approach.
  • Asteria will have explainable reasons for all of its decisions and meet shareholders’ expectations.
  • Asteria will respect diversity, personality and individuality, while valuing employee job satisfaction and pride.
  • Asteria will grow business together with our business partners and work toward the goal of “connecting the world”.
  • Asteria will contribute to society by creating value that is beneficial to people.
image of CSR/ESG Basic Principles

Efforts toward SDGs


Asteria views the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, as an important issue demanded by society. The SDGs have been presented as common international goals and set a clear direction for companies, many of which have begun to take proactive initiatives. We, too, are working on our business activities which take into account SDGs.


Social Contribution Activities


In order to realize a healthy and prosperous society and encourage its sustainable development, Asteria engages in “social contribution activities” including support for young people who will lead the future of our society.

Support for Kamonohashi Project

Since 2011, Asteria supports the “Kamonohashi Project”, a non-profit organization working to eradicate human trafficking in Cambodia and India.

As with our business, we focus our support on social contribution activities that we advocate based on our own judgement.

Kamonohashi Project

photo of Support for Kamonohashi Project
Participation in Charity Marathon

The increase in depression is said to have started in the IT industry. The “NIPPON IT Charity Ekiden (relay race)” is held every year to help socially vulnerable unemployed people who have been created by this industry reintegrate into society.

As part of our social responsibility, we invite our employees to participate in the event and form two or three teams each year, and through the sport of ekiden, we are involved in activities to support young people who will represent our future.

NIPPON IT Charity Marathon

photo of Participation in Charity Marathon

Diverse Work Styles


Asteria is actively promoting the creation of work environment that supports diverse work styles so that personnel from various backgrounds can continue to play an active role.

Promoting Diversity

We aim to realize a society that respects diverse values through activities aimed at creating employment for sexual minorities (LGBT), foreign nationals, and people with disabilities. Since the company’s foundation, we have been committed to creating a comfortable working environment for our employees through hiring and promotion regardless of gender, nationality, race, religion or ideology.

In 2017, CEO Hirano spoke at “PRIDE AND PREJUDICE”, an international forum held in Hong Kong on the promotion of diversity organized by The Economist. It was a session to discuss how to tackle diversity, especially LGBT, among the leaders of companies in various countries who are actively working on LGBT. Hirano was the only speaker from Japan at that year’s event.


To ensure employee safety and business continuity in the event of a disaster, we provide all employees with necessary telework environment, including laptop computers, tablets and telecommunications equipment.

Telework is the norm in Asteria and has been actively used company-wide.

photo of Telework
Sabbatical Leave/ Birthday Leave

For the purpose of maintaining a work-life balance (work-life harmony), we have introduced a one-month long sabbatical leave for employees who have been with the company for a total of six years or more. Every year several employees take advantage of this system to refresh themselves, acquire qualifications, study abroad or do personal development activities such as joining a volunteer group.

Employees can also take a birthday leave on their birthday or 15 days before or after their birthday every year to refresh themselves.

image of Sabbatical Leave/ Birthday Leave
Childcare Support

In order to create an environment in which employees raising children can work comfortably in accordance with their lifestyle, we do not set uniform rules as a system but rather support work styles that accommodate employee’s individual needs, such as shorter working hours, working from home and child nursing care leave, after taking into account company rules and legal perspectives.

image of Childcare Support


Environmental Conservation Activities


While building a favorable “ecosystem” with our business partners and end users, we will also focus on developing an ecosystem to achieve “co-existence and co-prosperity” with the natural environment. Through these activities, we will implement measures to build an ecosystem between “the global environment and nature” as well as “society and industry” from a medium- to long-term perspective, aiming to realize a sustainable society.

image of ecosystem
Promoting Paperless Operations

The use of our product Handbook X and tablet devices have helped to reduce the amount of paper materials used for meetings and sales activities.

The amount of printed paper has been slashed by up to 60%, contributing to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Handbook X

image of Promoting Paperless Operations
Asteria Green Activity

We are engaged in the “Asteria Green Activity,” an activity aiming to create a sustainable society and natural environment.

Regional Revitalization Project with Oguni Town, Kumamoto Prefecture

In 2015, we began forest conservation activities for Oguni cedar, a brand timber from Oguni, as well as efforts to promote the use of lumber from thinning and revitalize the forestry industry. We have produced toys and novelties made of Oguni cedar and presented them to employees and user companies. Oguni cedar is also incorporated in our office interior to give warmth to the space.

image of Regional Revitalization Project with Oguni Town, Kumamoto Prefecture
Regional Revitalization Project with Semboku City, Akita Prefecture

In FY2016, we formed a partnership with Semboku City in Akita Prefecture to promote the introduction of

ICT for industrial revitalization, and have since worked together on projects such as making videos captured by drones available to watch

using our product Handbook at each tourist site, as well as conducting experiments to enhance tourism services with tablets.

The corporate version of furusato nozei (home town tax donation) to Oguni Town and Semboku City

Asteria provides 1 million yen each year to fund the business plan for Oguni Town, named “Make more use of Oguni cedar for a long time “, and another for Semboku City centered on cherry blossom conservation and tourism promotion activities. Both business plans have been approved by the Cabinet Office as projects eligible for the “Taxation System for

Supporting Regional Development (the corporate version of furusato nozei)”.

image of Regional Revitalization Project with Semboku City, Akita Prefecture


Working toward Transparent and Sound Management


Our management objective is to become a company that contributes to our shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders as well as the society as a whole through continuous business growth.

To this end, we aim for highly transparent and sound corporate management, and have been working to strengthen corporate governance by inviting outside directors since the company’s establishment.

In addition, we have positioned the thorough enforcement of compliance by directors and employees as a basic management principle.

Our basic policy is to strictly comply with laws, regulations and rules, and to carry out sincere and fair corporate activities that do not violate social norms.

For information regarding our corporate governance structure and practices, please refer to the following page.