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“Data Linkage Tool” to support automation of operations with no-code technology

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Handbook X

“Digital content platform” that allows users to view and share information in a variety of settings that suit diverse work styles

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“A mobile app creation tool” that makes it easy to create business apps suited for on-site operations

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“Integrated edge platform” for easy no-code AI and IoT

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Our business has been consistently focused on software development as a “TSUNAGU Expert” (TSUNAGU- a Japanese word for making connections with each other) with our corporate philosophy of “Develop and provide our software worldwide”.

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Investor Relations (Investor information)

Dear investors,
Asteria is committed to offering products and services that can accelerate the evolution of society to our customers by leveraging our extensive track record and outstanding technological capabilities.

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Videos of financial results briefings, technical information, etc. can be found on this page.