Our Philosophy

Corporate Missions

Asteria will continue to take on new challenges to provide value worldwide with three core corporate missions.

Challenge for Ideas
We value freedom of ideas and the spirit to challenge. New ideas give birth to innovation that leads the future. For its realization, we do not hesitate to take risks to challenge and to explore new possibilities.

Global Perspective
We always aim for global market. We provide products and services that are unique and valuable in the world.

Chain of Happiness
We lead a chain of happiness. We perform the activities that we feel happy about and proud of to contribute to the happiness of our customers and then to the happiness of society.

Founding principles

The greatest value of Asteria is our people. It is not only ideas and skills that count. We believe that talented personnel is the source of power to provide high-quality products and services in the rapidly changing society and markets and to continue to contribute to society. We therefore endeavor to recruit qualified individuals and maintain high-quality workforce. We evaluate employees’ performances without compromise.

We keep the global market in our perspective from the initial stages of our business operation. We focus on the Japanese market as our main source of earnings in the beginning, but our products and marketing themselves are always ready for global usage.

Market Leadership
All of our core employees are those with abilities to propose new things to markets. They are to continue making new proposals to markets to establish a firm leadership position within the markets however we are small. We also encourage personal activities to our employees that the individuals can be recognized in markets in addition to our company brand.

Supremacy of the meaning and value of our existence
While many existing companies have belief in supremacy of profit or of sales performance, we believe in supremacy of the meaning and value of our existence. Through product differentiation and evaluation of our contribution to society in comparison to those of other companies, we provide only those products and services that prove the meaning and value of our existence. We are prepared to close our business when our company no longer has the meaning and value of our existence.

Product Development
The “quality” of products is our highest priority. We consider that the pillar of a corporate organization is customers’ trust and the foundation of trust is the quality of products.
We use standard technology. We propose a standard technology when there is none. We concentrate on where we have expertise at and positively make use of publicly recognized technologies or those of other companies. We do not stick to our own technology.