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Systems Developer Icomsoft Adopts Platio Connect to Create Mobile App for Remote Inventory Management in Just 2 Days

Press Release

Tokyo — Jan. 31 2023 — Asteria Corporation (Japan listed, Security Code: 3853) today announced that Fukuoka Prefecture-based systems developer Icomsoft Co., Ltd., which provides services using no-code* and low-code products, has built “Remote Inventory Management App” in just two days using our product Platio Connect that enables no-code production of mobile apps and data integration with the existing internal system.

System configuration image
System configuration image
Remote Inventory Management App
Remote Inventory Management App

Background and Effect

Icomsoft provides IT solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of industries as a professional in building systems that support social infrastructure, such as disaster prevention and firefighting command systems and control and monitoring systems for energy plants, etc. The company’s inventory management system, “Weight-based Inventory Checker” uses weight sensors to visualize the inventory levels of parts and materials in a warehouse, and has been widely introduced in the manufacturing industry.

Weight-based Inventory Checker helps reduce the man-hours required for inventory checks and stabilize production line operations by preventing parts shortages. However, since the inventory status is displayed on a monitor in the warehouse, the demand is expected to grow from user companies for a system which allows them to remotely keep tabs on inventory from production sites and offices.

Icomsoft then decided to create a mobile app for Weight-based Inventory Checker and adopted Platio Connect, which enables low-cost, no-code app production and data integration with systems. First, the company created “Remote Inventory Management App” which allows users to check inventory status from outside the warehouse with smartphones and other devices, while taking advantage of the existing system. Next, data from Weight-based Inventory Checker was integrated with the app. The app production, which usually takes more than three weeks, was completed in just two days.

Remote Inventory Management App can be flexibly modified to suit the user company’s operations through customization of management items and names. In addition, the app is equipped with features to prevent stockouts: a push notification function that automatically sends a low stock alert and a visualization function that shows color-coded inventory status.   It also contributes to the promotion of remote operations and other digital transformation (DX) efforts among users of Weight-based Inventory Checker.

*A mechanism which allows development of software and apps without writing a single line of code. Platio Connect users can deploy necessary functions and modify app’s specifications to make it more serviceable at worksites as well as integrate data between systems, even if they do not have expertise in a programming language.

Traditional method: monitor shows inventory status
Traditional method: monitor shows inventory status
A push notification will be sent when stock runs low
A push notification will be sent when stock runs low
Inventory status can be checked on the app
Inventory status can be checked on the app

Message from Icomsoft

For manufacturers, parts and material stockouts are a serious incident that can cause production to halt. Now that our Weight-based Inventory Checker can work with a mobile app, we can accommodate our customers’ needs to check inventory status from anywhere. By taking advantage of no-code production capabilities, customers can perform maintenance and development on their own such as adding management items to the app. Another big merit is the ability to respond quickly to changes in business requirements at each worksite.
In the future, we would like to propose mobile apps that can make on-site operations more efficient, such as an ordering app which connects to a purchasing system and a quality check app designed to ensure that necessary parts are used properly during assembly.

SASAKI Takehiro, head of Solution Systems Department at Icomsoft’s Fukuoka Office

About Icomsoft Co., Ltd.

Icomsoft provides system consultation and system development services mainly for social infrastructure, including command systems for disaster prevention and firefighting and environmental energy plant control and monitoring.

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About Asteria Corporation

Asteria, formerly Infoteria Corporation, develops and sells software and services which connect a variety of in-house computers and devices. Its key product, ASTERIA Warp, is middleware which integrates data in different computer systems without coding. As of end-September 2022, 9,809 companies, mainly large and medium ones, had introduced the product. Another product, Handbook, allows users to carry around materials used for sales activities and meetings as well as product catalogues in electronic files on smartphones and tablets. A total of 1,670 companies and public institutions had adopted the product through end-September 2022.

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About Platio

Platio is a cloud service which allows users to easily create and use mobile apps that fit specific tasks without coding. By capitalizing on apps which are optimized for each task, Platio promotes digitalization at worksites and improves efficiency of manual processes. Apps created with Platio can be distributed immediately for use at worksites. Data that users entered into an app is stored in the cloud and will be shared real time the up-to-date status of worksites with managers. Apps also can automatically detect changes in entered data and send an alert to managers so that they can quickly respond to anomalies. Apps for businesses tend to be complex and expensive. As an easy app building solution, Platio won Good Design Award for fiscal 2018. In 2022, Asteria launched Platio Connect, which enables not only app creation and utilization, but also data integration without coding. This tool supports data utilization by seamlessly linking on-site data with systems and services.

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