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Gravio-Powered ‘VIP Lounge Usage Status Visualization System’, Developed by Asteria and OEC, Adopted in Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition

Press Release

Tokyo — July 28, 2023 — Asteria Corporation (Japan listed, Security Code: 3853) and Yokohama-based Okaya Electronics Corp. (hereinafter “OEC”), a sales partner of Asteria’s node integration platform “Gravio”, announced today that their co-developed system visualizing the usage status of VIP lounges have been introduced in trade fairs held at Tokyo Big Sight convention center in the Odaiba waterfront district. The system, which was installed in the VIP lounges in two events hosted by RX Japan Ltd., named “Government & Public Sector Week Japan 2023” and “Japan Sports Week 2023”, respectively, has proven effective in crowd management during big events, according to the companies.

Photo: The system visualizes the number of vacant seats, CO2 and humidity levels, temperatures, etc., at a VIP lounge
The system visualizes the number of vacant seats, CO2 and humidity levels, temperatures, etc., at a VIP lounge
Photo: Digital signage set up in front of the VIP lounge
Digital signage set up in front of the VIP lounge
Photo: Motion sensors under table
Motion sensors under table

System Development Background and Overview

RX Japan, as the leading organizer of Japan’s one of the largest exhibitions, hosts over 90 diverse events annually. During the COVID-19 pandemic, exhibitions were scaled down, resulting in lower visitor numbers. However, with the reclassification of COVID-19 to a less-severe Class 5 of the five-tier system under the infection diseases prevention law on May 8, 2023, capacity and attendance restrictions were lifted for events. After the new policy kicked in, the number of visitors to exhibitions began to soar, creating a greater demand for crowd control solutions.

In response to the growing demand, Asteria and OEC jointly developed the “VIP Lounge Usage Status Visualization System” using Gravio as a crowd management solution for event venues. The system was implemented at the VIP lounges during “Government & Public Sector Week Japan 2023” and “Japan Sports Week 2023” events, organized by RX Japan, at Tokyo Big Sight between June 28 and June 30. The events had attracted a total of about 45,000 visitors.

The system shows the real-time congestion status in the lounges based on data from 64 sensors installed in the venue, including motion sensors that do not require external power supply.

Visitors can check the latest status with their smartphones or a digital signage installed within an exhibition space, allowing them to visit the lounges during less busy times. This has contributed to improved visitor satisfaction and a lower percentage of dropouts.

Photo: Congestion status can be checked on a smartphone
Congestion status can be checked on a smartphone

System Overview

Duration / VenueFrom June 28 to June 30, 2023 / Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 4, 6, and 7
Exhibition names“Government & Public Sector Week Japan 2023” and “Japan Sports Week 2023” hosted by RX Japan Ltd.
Number of sensors installed<Government & Public Sector Week Japan 2023>
-30 motion sensors
-A sensor measuring temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure
-A CO2 sensor
<Japan Sports Week 2023>
-30 motion sensors
-A sensor measuring temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure
-A CO2 sensor 
How to check congestion status-Read QR codes using smartphones or other devices
-Find the digital signage installed in front of the entrance to a VIP lounge or the other signage set up near the booth for OEC within the “Government & Public Sector Week Japan 2023” exhibition venue

Business Plan

As in-person events are coming back following the shift of COVID-19 into Class 5, Asteria and OEC are committed to helping customers optimize their event management and effectively control crowds by providing a solution, which visualizes the number of visitors and people in certain areas.

About Asteria Corporation

Asteria, formerly Infoteria Corporation, develops and sells software and services which connect a variety of in-house computers and devices. Its key product, ASTERIA Warp, is middleware which integrates data in different computer systems without coding. As of end-March 2023, 9,931 companies, mainly large and medium ones, had introduced the product. Another product, Handbook, allows users to carry around materials used for sales activities and meetings as well as product catalogues in electronic files on smartphones and tablets. A total of 1,680 companies and public institutions had adopted the product through end-March 2023.

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About Okaya Electronics Corp.

Okaya Electronics was established in 1984 by listed company Okaya & Co., Ltd. as a wholly-owned company. Since its establishment, the company has formed a number of partnerships with big global manufacturing companies and provided them with semiconductors, software, electronic components, among other products. In recent years, the company has been focusing on offering solutions aimed at enhancing values, with an emphasis on congestion sensing solutions incorporating IoT and LiDAR sensors. Leveraging its technological expertise accumulated over nearly four decades, the company intends to contribute to solving social problems.

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About RX Japan Ltd.

RX Japan Ltd. is a company headquartered in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward, specialising in the organisation, planning, and management of international industry trade shows and seminars.
Each year, the company hosts over 90 large-scale international trade shows for various industries such as electronics, new energy, materials, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, medicine/bio, IT, flat panels, manufacturing, agriculture, jewelries, eyeglasses, publishing, fashion, lifestyle goods, stationery, and content, etc. These events are held at venues, including Tokyo Big Sight and Makuhari Messe.

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About node-computing platform Gravio

Gravio collects field data from nodes installed in various locations and integrates them into the Gravio Cloud service, a centralized data management system. The collected data can be seamlessly linked to other services for effective utilization, and various settings can be easily configured without coding with a user-friendly UI. Gravio, which is made up of both edge and cloud computing systems, node devices, sensors, and data storage and management services, will facilitate on-site DX.

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