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Asteria Certified as “SPS Technology Partner” by Soracom, Inc., No-Code Integration of Soracom Services and Gravio Facilitates IoT Data Utilization

Press Release

Tokyo — September 1, 2023 — Asteria Corporation (Japan listed, Security Code: 3853) announced today that it has been certified as a technology partner of the “Soracom Partner Space” (hereinafter “SPS”) program by Soracom, Inc.


As digitization and demand for DX is accelerating in a wide range of industries, different types of data collected by sensors and other devices are being actively used. Especially, expertise in sensors, devices, communications, security and cloud is becoming increasingly vital to IoT system construction. As such, Soracom launched in 2015 the “SPS” partner program to build an IoT ecosystem and solve users’ issues. SPS has grown into an IoT ecosystem with over 950 companies in Japan.

picture: SORACOM Partner Space

Asteria’s Gravio was released in 2017 as an AI-equipped IoT integration platform. The latest version, launched in July 2023, enables integration with the cloud, Gravio Hub, which services as the core of IoT data collection and control, and supports SIM. As Gravio’s strength — no-code — eliminates the need for coding for collecting data from sensors and controlling devices, the product has been adopted by companies and organizations in a wide range of industries, and thus was certified as an “SPS Technology Partner.”

The recognition has led to the registration of Gravio as a Soracom-certified solution, allowing for the integration of each other’s platform. By inserting Soracom IoT SIM* into Gravio Hub, sensor data collected by Gravio can be integrated with Soracom’s various services without coding. This facilitates data collection and utilization at worksites via IoT and AI. Moreover, Gravio is deployable in areas without WiFi due to its ability to connect to the internet through cellular networks and other means, enabling advanced data collection and utilization essential to the smartification of increasingly diverse business scenes.

Asteria will further accelerate the use of data in all kinds of places and contribute to the automation and remote operations of business processes so that user companies can further leverage their data assets.

picture: Overview of integration of Gravio and  Soracom
Overview of integration of Gravio and Soracom
photo: Gravio Hub is fitted with  Soracom IoT SIM
Gravio Hub is fitted with Soracom IoT SIM

* Soracom IoT SIM provides wide coverage through multi-carrier support, available globally including in Japan.

About Asteria Corporation

Asteria is a software development company, which provides products and services that “connect” systems, people, things and wills to the future based on the concept of “Connecting the World with Software”. Its flagship product, ASTERIA Warp, is middleware which integrates data from different systems and cloud services without coding. As of August 1, 2023, over 10,000 companies had introduced the product. Another product, Handbook, is a business negotiation support app which enables consolidated management of data from diverse origins, such as documents, videos, and websites, through the cloud. Mobile app building tool Platio allows users to easily create and distribute mobile apps befitting specific in-house tasks. Node integration platform Gravio enables integrated management of data collected from multiple areas without coding. By offering these products, Asteria helps companies and organizations promote digital transformation (DX) and improve their business process efficiency.
Furthermore, Asteria is engaged in activities to raise awareness of new technologies and their values and foster innovation through participation in the launch of Blockchain Collaborative Consortium and No Code Promotion Association.

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About IoT platform “Soracom”

Soracom is a technology partner to more than 20,000 startups, SMBs, and enterprises, connecting more than 5 million IoT devices globally. Soracom offers robust solutions specifically designed to make it easy to build, operate, and scale IoT deployments. Customers trust Soracom for affordable, reliable connectivity that accelerates speed to market, makes it easy to connect to any cloud, and offers access to a worldwide partner ecosystem.

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About node integration platform Gravio

Gravio collects field data from nodes installed in various locations and integrates them into the Gravio Cloud service, a centralized data management system. The collected data can be seamlessly linked to other services for effective utilization, and various settings can be easily configured without coding with a user-friendly UI. Gravio, which is made up of both edge and cloud computing systems, node devices, sensors, and data storage and management services, will facilitate on-site DX.

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