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Handbook/ Handbook X Lead the Mobile Content Management Market in Three Categories and Has Released New Plans Enabling Another Two Payment Options: Credit Card and Invoice Payment

Press Release

Tokyo — Oct. 2, 2023 — Asteria Corporation (Japan listed, Security Code: 3853) announced today that our product Handbook / Handbook X has secured the largest share in the market for Mobile Content Management (MCM) in three categories. It also announced the first plan revision for Handbook X since its launch to meet the diversifying needs of users ranging from individuals and small teams to large-scale users such as companies. The plans offer credit card and invoice payment, which is suitable for corporate use.

The Survey Reports in Which Handbook/Handbook X Secured the Largest Market Share

1. “ITR Market View: Unified Endpoint Management Marget 2023” report by ITR Corporation
(Overview: *available in Japanese only)
 Survey categoryOverview
1The share of the mobile content management market in terms of sales value by vendors in FY2022
Vendors with annual sales of 10 billion yen to less than 50 billion yen and those with annual sales of 1 billion yen to less than 10 billion yen
picture: badgeThe market share in terms of sales value of services which can optimize, distribute and manage data and content used for business with mobile devices
2The share of the business use mobile content management market in terms of sales value by vendors in FY2022picture: badgeThe share of the business use mobile content management market, including sales activities outside the company, by sales value

【The summary of market trend by ITR】
Although market growth was slightly negative in FY2022, a recovery is projected for FY2023. The overall sales value of the mobile content management market in FY2022 was 2.93 billion yen, down 1.3% from the previous year.

【Trend forecasting for Asteria (Handbook/ Handbook X) by ITR】
In FY2023, ITR expects Handbook/ Handbook X sales value to increase by 5.0% year-on-year, reflecting the scheduled provision of higher-end plans, the greater scope of application through functional enhancements, and the expansion of sales channels.

Source: ITR Market View: Unified Endpoint Management Marget 2023 “” report published by ITR Corporation

2. “The FY2023 Edition of the Outlook for the Collaboration Mobile Management Software Market Which Supports Hybrid Work” report by Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute Co.
(Overview: *available in Japanese only)
 Survey categoryOverview
3The number of IDs shipped for SaaS and ASP MCM in FY2022picture: badgeThe number of IDs shipped for SaaS and ASP MCM

Revision of the Handbook X offering plans

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the working environment is rapidly diversifying, with the introduction of telework being promoted, the use of free addresses in offices, and the expansion of side jobs and freelancers. The digital content platform Handbook X, which was created as a new-generation application that responds to these diverse ways of working, has been downloaded more than 170,000 times as of 2 October 2023 and is aiming to further expand the number of users. To meet the needs of a wide range of usage scenarios, Handbook X has revised its offering plan, and a corporate plan has been added to the line-up.

The new plan has been revised into three paid plans: ‘Personal’, ‘Team’ and ‘Business’. It makes potential users easy to select a plan with functions suited to individual, team or corporate usage scenarios. Moreover, the number of users can be flexibly adjusted according to the scale of usage with options. Credit card and invoice payment are also supported in addition to in-app billing, to further improve convenience. Asteria will continue to expand its business further by capturing the diversifying needs of Handbook X as the user base expands, and by promoting the proposal of new applications and usage scenarios.

<New Offering Plan Line-up>
Price /monthFree500yen3,000yen30,000yen
Storage data capacity1GB5GB10GB*130GB*1
Number of Books you can create310UnlimitedUnlimited
Number of Books you can share1330Unlimited
Number of users356*2
Up to 50 users
Up to 1,000 users
Number of Workgroups you can create115Unlimited
Workgroup management functionxxoo
Payment methodsIn-app purchaseCredit cardsInvoice Payment

*1: Additional user fee — 500 yen / user
*2: Additional disk usage fee — 5,000 yen / 10GB

About Handbook X

Handbook X, was released in March 2022, having fully remodeled Handbook which Asteria has offered since 2009, as a business negotiation support app that allows users to register, view, and share promotional content necessary for business negotiations. Handbook X is a digital content platform that supports sales negotiations, collaboration and follow-up activities. With a simple tap on devices, users can register a variety of content to create a visually appealing “book”, which can be viewed and shared in different settings.

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About Asteria Corporation

Asteria is a software development company, which provides products and services that “connect” systems, people, things and wills to the future based on the concept of “Connecting the World with Software”. Its flagship product, ASTERIA Warp, is middleware which integrates data from different systems and cloud services without coding. As of August 1, 2023, over 10,000 companies had introduced the product. Another product, Handbook, is a business negotiation support app which enables consolidated management of data from diverse origins, such as documents, videos, and websites, through the cloud. Mobile app building tool Platio allows users to easily create and distribute mobile apps befitting specific in-house tasks. Node integration platform Gravio enables integrated management of data collected from multiple areas without coding. By offering these products, Asteria helps companies and organizations promote digital transformation (DX) and improve their business process efficiency.
Furthermore, Asteria is engaged in activities to raise awareness of new technologies and their values and foster innovation through participation in the launch of Blockchain Collaborative Consortium and No Code Promotion Association.

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