Asteria’s Business

Founded in 1998 as Japan’s first software company focusing on XML technologies, Asteria Corporation develops and sells software and services which connect a variety of in-house computers and devices.

Different IT Sub-industries

The IT industry is classified into various categories.
Asteria develops and sells software that does not require resources, raw materials or manufacturing.

Different IT Sub-industries (Image)

Two Types of Software Development Model

There are also two types of software development model: custom development and product development. Asteria specializes in product development based on the philosophy of developing and providing world-class software.

Two Types of Software Development Model (Image1)
Two Types of Software Development Model (Image2)

About Our Enterprise Software Products Specialized in “Connectivity”

Core product “ASTERIA Warp” is software which integrates data in different computer systems without coding and has been introduced by over 9,800 companies, mainly large and medium ones.

“Handbook X,” a fully remodeled version of Handbook, which has been offered since 2009 as a pioneer in the Japanese mobile content management market, responds to diverse work styles and changes in sales activities as a business negotiation support app.

Asteria also offers “Platio”, which allows users to easily create mobile apps that fit specific business tasks without coding, and AI/IoT integrated edge computing software “Gravio”

About Our Enterprise Software Products Specialized in "Connectivity" (Image)

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